Ronald Luyo Bio

Ronald Luyo - Main photoRonald Luyo earned a BS in Finance from Rutgers has also studied at NYU. He was also an intern at a wealth management firm in New York City with an additional internship at NCHC.

Ronald Luyo follows the markets. He also loves the tech industry and is not afraid to go all in on a potential idea that makes people’s lives easier. Hence his internship at a wealth management firm, and his own two personal tournament projects.


Ronald Luyo’s Achievements

He helped setup the CRM System at his Internship, as well as constantly researching companies to suggest undervalued ideas to client’s portfolios.

He effectively launched two custom made projects with a partner that continues to see growth in participants.

The first project is Smash Madness at Gamer’s Edge. Smash Madness is a video game tournament that runs once a month where recruitment is done via word of mouth, and online advertising. The event used the Twitch platform to stream the tournament online, and post highlights and videos on YouTube. Ron had to find the venue, figure out logistics with televisions and consoles, get trophies made, rulesets, etc.

The second project is running the monthly charity poker tournament at Mr Adams Steakhouse restaurant. Once again, they used word of mouth advertising, where dozens of poker players get together to play a game they love, play it legally, and help collect proceeds for a good cause. He organizes it, and had custom poker chips created, hired professional dealers, and moderated it.

If you would like to learn more about Ronald Luyo you can visit his Resume Page, or contact him here